The Lupus Refuge

Building an online community to raise awareness for the fight against Lupus in Nigeria.

The Lupus Refuge Foundation at its very core is a haven for lupus warriors with a goal of bridging the gap between Lupus patients, rheumatologists, other healthcare providers, and the government.

The Brief

Design and launch an online platform to educate Nigerians about Lupus
Create a platform to collect information and build support group systems for people living with Lupus

Allow searchability online to direct visitors using related search terms to the website

What We Did

After a few discovery meetings, we were able to understand the missions of the foundation which was crucial to our UI design and experience. Swish created a minimalistic and mobile-friendly informational website to educate its visitors on the disease. Swish also created an easy to access portal to collect user information and set up automated responses to guide its new members into the community. The community has rapidly grown since the launch of the platform in 2017.  The website was also optimized to be more mobile friendly and appear top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).